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"The traditional name given to the men and women who rode on the tailboard of a fire engine"

Tailboarder Brewing Co. is an independent brewery who specializes in handcrafting high quality beer. Being owned and operated by two Seattle Firefighters, the brewery will honor the history and culture of both the fire department and brewing community. The tasting room will be decorated with repurposed structural components from actual structure fires, making it visually distinct when compared with other local craft breweries. Each line of our beer will be named after traditions and practices related to the fire department and brewing culture.


Core Values & Beliefs

We will differentiate ourselves by creating new and refreshing beer while adhering to traditional brewing techniques and valuing quality over volume. We take pride in our innovative, cost-effective ability to breathe new life into old traditions through creating unique and refreshing flavors while preserving our core value of quality of volume. The company must earn respect daily through the integrity of our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve. Tailboarder Brewing Co. should be at the center of communal life in Seattle and Tacoma. The company should always strive to be a fun and rewarding place to work.


Our Vision

Our vision is to build a closely held regional brewery balancing growth and profitability.


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce a high quality line of craft beer which will bring the history and culture of the fire department to our customers so they can experience the meaning of true brotherhood.

Our Story

Rooted in the history and standards of the fire department, the Pacific Northwest, and ten thousand years of brewing traditions, Tailboarder Brewing Co. infuses those core values into every batch of beer. The owners share a love for beer, respect for their brotherhood, and a desire to bring community together through more than just a refreshing brew after a long day.

Leading the company are Jason and Andy, who’s paths collided while fighting for a spot with the Seattle Fire Department amongst 5,000 determined men and women. They were two of the 29 individuals given the opportunity to prove themselves in Recruit Class 101 for Seattle. It’s that same determination that has brought Tailboarder Brewing Co. to life.

In addition to bringing a unique, fresh new beer and experience to our area, Tailboarder Brewing Co. is devoted to sustainable practices, with repurposed furnishings made from structural components from actual structure fires and handcrafted by the owners themselves.

Crafting small batches of high quality beer means you’ll never sip a stale brew that’s been sitting on a shelf losing it’s fresh flavor over time. Quality, variety, and pride are the cornerstones that drive this company forward.

“We wouldn’t be successful without our diverse, vibrant community who just like us, enjoys great beer.” – Jason Allen, Owner and Lead Brewer


With great beer, we will bring the history and culture of the fire department to our community so they can experience the meaning of true brotherhood.

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Auburn, WA 98002

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